10 Short Hairstyles – Cute and Easy Ideas To Try

So many hairstyles are shown on ladies with long locks, but how about us girls with short hair and bobs?! Just because we chopped our tresses, does NOT mean we don’t need a trendy style from time to time.

If you’ve been on the hunt for cute hairstyles for short hair, we’re here to stop you in your tracks. The search is over because we’ve compiled 10 hairstyles for short hair.

Don’t think that if you have short hair that there’s a shortage of looks for you. In fact, there’s plenty of styles that look super cute with your cut.

Keep scrolling to check out our favorite easy hairstyles for short hair. 

Beach Waves

Sometimes, all you need is a little texture to spice up your look!

Style your bob with some beach waves. This look appears un-styled but in all the right ways. Most importantly, it is fairly quick and simple to achieve. In our opinion, every girl can pull off the tousled-hair-dont-care look.  Now, your relaxed and carefree attitude can have a hairstyle to match.

This is a great short hairstyle for fine hair and short layered hair because the added body creates the illusion of natural volume. 

Finger Waves

If you like the look of beach waves, but need something more formal, finger waves are a beautiful blend of both. 

Popularized in the 1920s, this retro hair trend is making a comeback. Finger waves are elegant, chic and super sophisticated. You can even make it modern by clipping one side back with a few hair pins.

This is also the perfect prom hairstyle for short hair and wedding hairstyle for short hair.


Pairing bangs with a bob is a total fashion statement.

Yes, we’re aware of how bad bangs-gone-wrong can be. But, it’s all about choosing the right kind to best suit your hair type and face shape. Arched, blunt, curtain, feathered, fringe… you are bound to find the bangs for you.

So, c’mon! Try out short hair with bangs. You’ll thank us later.

Side Braid

Who said you couldn’t braid short hair?! 

Adding a thick dutch braid to one side of your bob is a fun way to add interest to your look. We recommend braiding on the side with less hair after being parted.

You can also style a French braid or 3-strand braid instead.

On another note: we have to admit, the pink hair makes this style even cooler! (Inspiration for your next look? We think so!)

Tucked Side Braid

The Tucked Side Braid is the dainty version of the edgy Side Braid. But, don’t worry, these braided hairstyles for short hair are equally gorgeous. 

Dutch or French Braid the same side of hair, but instead of braiding straight down, braid the hair backwards. Secure it by tucking and pinning it with a clip.

Parted Braid Crown

You’re a queen, and you need a hairstyle that reflects that.

Most braid crowns go all the way around the head, but the Parted Braid Crown is a more wearable style, so it’s great for an everyday casual look.

Part your hair down the center. With the front two pieces, style a mini 3-strand braid on each side, and pin the ends in the back of your head. This creates the look of a small crown. 

Dutch and French Braids

Need a way to keep your hair out of your face (especially those annoying flyaways). Braid it ALL back with some cute Dutch or French braids.

We started seeing this look being styled more often on shorter hair in recent years, and it just proves one thing: if long hair can do it, so can a bob!

This is a go-to look if you’re wanting a short hairstyle for thick hair. There are tons of online tutorials that teach how to French Braid, and specifically, how to French Braid your own hair, so you’ll become a pro in no time. The same goes for Dutch Braids, too.

Dutch or French Braids + Ponytail

Don’t have time to complete each braid (or just don’t want to)? 

Braid each side until you can combine the remainder of your hair into a ponytail. You can also do this with a single Dutch or French braid.

Tie off your ponytail with a PRO Hair Tie

Half-Up Top Knot

You’ve seen it; we’ve talked about it. The Top Knot is a MAJOR trend that we predict is here for the long haul. 

Style this look by separating the top half of your hair from the bottom half and forming a bun. As you’ll figure out when learning how to do a top knot, there is no “right” way to do it. It’s all about your style preference! The bun can be neat or messy, but, either way, this is a staple look for those busy days where hair styling is not a top priority. 

Add some beach waves to the bottom half of your hair to combine two styles into one! 

We highly recommend this hairstyle for short curly hair or if you’re in need of a hairstyle for thin hair. This look is easy to style with all hair types, textures and lengths.

For an all-day hold, secure this hairstyle with a PRO Hair Tie.

Top Knot

If you rock a lob (long-bob, duh?), here’s an idea of an updo for short hair. Another version of the Top Knot is gathering and styling all of your hair into a bun.

This is a great hairstyle for girls with short hair because it’s easy to style and easy to manage.

Like the Half-Up Top Knot bun, secure your bun with a PRO Hair Tie.

For all the hairstyles that require a hair tie, ditch the traditional hair tie and use a PRO Hair Tie.

The PRO Hair Tie is the perfect ponytail holder for any hairstyle. It is made of a silicone material and sprayed with a non-stick coating to prevent it from “sticking” to hair. It features an easy-release clasp that eliminates the tangling and pulling that traditional hair ties cause. The clasp was designed to release only when lifted at an angle. Otherwise, it will stay fastened. The round-to-flat beaded design ensures a secure hold on all hair types and lengths.

You can also customize the size to perfectly fit your ponytail. For fine hair, trim a few beads off the Hair Tie, leaving a round bead at the end to secure in the clasp. We recommend trimming two beads at a time (one round, one flat) until it is the perfect fit. For thick hair, connect two hair ties together. Trim the beads of one Hair Tie, leaving a round bead at the end to secure in the clasp. We recommend trimming two beads at a time (one round, one flat) until it is the perfect fit.

Share your favorite cute easy hairstyles for short hair below!

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