6 Fab-BOO!-lous Halloween Hair Styles and Accessories

It always feels like the year flies by until, before you know it, the Holidays are here. 

With Halloween being the first of the Fall celebrations, we’re usually unprepared for the festivities… we know we aren’t the only ones either! 

As October 31st quickly approaches, we’re in desperate need of a cute costume that people will recognize, and, most importantly, is easy to throw together. Essentially, we need a last minute halloween costume

Making a costume can be time-consuming, but buying a costume is expensive. Every year, as we get that text from our most festive friend inviting us to her annual Halloween bash, we catch ourselves thinking that there has to be cheap Halloween costumes that are easy and quick to put together in a pinch.

Don’t panic because this year, we’ve figured out an easier way to celebrate. We’ve compiled a list of Halloween costumes that revolve around one thing you already have: your hair! Using your tresses and some accessories, you can make the perfect female Halloween costume.

This isn’t a trick! Treat yourself to these fa-BOO!-lous Halloween costume ideas!

Pretty Kitty

We know this is basic, but it deserves a spot on the list. Everyone has worn the black cat Halloween costume because but it’s super cute and super simple!

There’s a couple ways of creating the cat Halloween costume. Curl and tease your locks for a fierce look, or slick your hair back in a high pony for a sleek look. 

You’ll need a headband with cat ears. You can find them anywhere this time of year, and there’s so many different options to choose from, including plain black ears, lace ears, rhinestone ears and so much more. Whichever vibe you’re going for this Halloween, there’s a headband to match!

Finish the look with some quintessential cat makeup. Add a few whiskers to your cheeks, paint your nose black and BAM!…you have yourself a costume.

If you decided to rock the high pony, secure your style all night long with a PRO Hair Tie. Even if you decide to wear your mane down, these double as bracelets and will be the purrr-fect touch to your cute Halloween cat costume. 

Ariana Grande

Say “thank you, next” to other costumes because this year, you’re going as the one and only Ariana Grande. 

Ari’s look has become a staple of her brand. For years, she has donned an ultra-high ponytail, and whether she adds hair rings, chops her bangs or dyes her hair, you know an Ariana pony when you see it. This is why dressing up as Ari for Halloween is the perfect costume! 

The look is so distinct and iconic that even celebrities have dressed up as her for Halloween. Now, you just need to choose which Ariana Grande you want to be. Let’s get started!

Stay comfy and cozy this Halloween by dressing as Ariana in her street style. Throw on an oversized hoodie (about 3 sizes larger than what you actually wear) and thigh-high boots. Ari has been seen on numerous occasions strutting around town in this outfit, so this is the look for you if you want to keep it cool and casual.

Go glam with one of Ariana’s many TV and red carpet appearance looks. Google her, and you’ll soon realize there’s a variety to choose from! Her professional style is simple and cute, so putting together a costume should be a breeze.

Style your ponytail as high as you can, and secure it with a PRO Hair Tie. Add bangs, barrettes or hair rings to really channel your inner Ari.


If the tiara fits, wear it this Halloween!

A crown is a simple accessory, but there’s so much you can do with it. Of course, you can go as a traditional princess or queen by wearing a crown and some sort of beautiful gown. Light makeup and an easy hairstyle will make for a quick costume change.

However, if you have the time to transform into a character, but don’t have a clue what you want to be… the HallowQUEEN is the perfect idea!

Use a crown to depict you’re a Queen, but wear creepy makeup in the spirit of Halloween. Whether you choose to be a zombie, vampire, or skeleton, you are bound to look ghoulishly gorgeous.

Spider Bun

Make your costume all about your hair with a Spider Bun!

Wrap your hair into a perfect bun with a PRO Hair Tie, positioned directly on the back of your head to provide a flat surface for the accessories. 

Bend eight, black pipe cleaners to resemble legs of a spooky spider. Nestle each pipe cleaner in to your bun, four on left and four on the right. Glue two googly eyes on to a black pom-pom, and tack it to the middle of your bun! 

You have yourself a Spider Bun! 

This is the perfect style to subtly celebrate the holiday. Wear an all-black outfit, and draw a few cobwebs on your face if you’re feeling extra festive!r

Space Girl

The Space Girl costume is totally out of this world!

This look relies heavily on the hairstyle and hair accessories to make it recognizable. There’s a few ways to make this look come to life.

Rock some space buns! They’re totally trendy and complement this costume. Part of your hair down the center, and style two big buns on top of your head. Style two sleek buns for a chic look or choose messy buns for a laid-back look.

Want to show off your long locks? Style a half-up-half-down hairstyle with mini space buns. Give the buns some height to resemble antennas. Trim down two PRO Hair Ties to fashion them into mini ponytail holders for your mini buns.

Add a hair accessory to either of these looks. You can grab a headband with antennas from any Halloween costume shop. Secure this on top of your head in front of your space buns for an extra dash of alien.

Pair a green or silver outfit with your hairstyle, and no doubt you’ll be the trendiest girl in the galaxy.

80's Workout Girl

One of the most iconic looks from the 80’s is the neon exercise outfits women used to wear to workout. Between the leotard, the leggings and the leg warmers, there was a lot going on. And this is why it makes the perfect Halloween costume! 

The 80’s were all about bright colors (none of which had to match to be worn together) and bold accessories. But, before you put your outfit together, start with your hair! 

Style a high side ponytail. Secure it with a PRO Hair Tie, preferably a neon color, and wrap a neon scrunchie over it. Sweatbands were all the rage back then, so position it around your forehead. This, too, should be hot pink, lime green, neon yellow or bright orange. Remember, the bolder the better!

On to the outfit! Wear a leotard or workout top, paired with leggings. Feel free to rock some leggings with a pattern of some sort (as long as they feature a color in the 80’s color palette). Add a pair of leg warmers and wrist sweat bands. Even wear a few PRO Hair Ties on your wrist as bracelets for some extra neon flare. Finish it off with a cool pair of sneakers. 

You’ll look totally bad in your costume, which was slang for “good” back then. Confusing, right?

If your costume requires an updo, you need the PRO Hair TieThe PRO Hair Tie is the perfect ponytail holder for any hairstyle. It is made of a silicone material and sprayed with a non-stick coating to prevent it from “sticking” to hair. It features an easy-release clasp that eliminates the tangling and pulling that traditional hair ties cause. The clasp was designed to release only when lifted at an angle. Otherwise, it will stay fastened. The round-to-flat beaded design ensures a secure hold on all hair types and in all hair styles. 

Have you worn a costume that was made with your hairstyle or a hair accessory? Let us know in the comments below!

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