Unique Styles for Short Hair, Long Hair & All Lengths in Between

Hairstyles seem to be all the same these days, and unfortunately, original styles are few and far between.

Everyone is wearing French Braids, Messy Buns or Half-Up-Half-Down, and while we LOVE these looks (and totally understand why they’ve become popular), it’s important to stand out every once and awhile. When you attend an event or dress up for a night on the town, bringing a little creativity to your hair can elevate your entire look.

No matter your hair length, cut or style, achieving a one-of-a-kind look is possible.

Below are three cute hairstyles for the four hair lengths: super short, bob, medium length and long. While some of these hairstyles for women may take some time to create, we promise it’ll be worth it when you have the most original look around.

Hey, you may even start a trend of your own!

Super Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles for women can be edgy or dainty, depending on your personal style. Either way, there’s definitely some cute hairstyles for short hair. Here’s a few you’ll love. 

Caution: If you have long hair, you may want to keep scrolling. These cute short hairstyles may have you start considering the “big chop”!

Short Style #1

Get the look of a hairstyle with bangs without actually having them.

Brush your hair forward to create the illusion of front bangs. Make a part in the middle to style curtain bangs, sweep them to the side for side bangs or tousle a few stands for feathered or fringe bangs.

The juxtaposition of the long bangs with your short hairstyle is what makes this look special.

This works exceptionally well as a short hairstyle for fine hair and a short hairstyle for thin hair. It also looks super chic as a short curly hairstyle or a hairstyle for short natural hair.

Short Style #2

Instead of brushing your hair forward, you will be combing it back for this hairstyle for short hair. 

But first, add some beach waves to your locks. The waves will make this cute short hairstyle look perfectly un-styled. Carefully comb the waves back, and tousle them a bit to complete this look. 

This is a great short hairstyle for thick hair.

Short Style #3

Similar to these other easy hairstyles for short hair, comb the longest part of your hair to the side (kinda like a Comb over but trendier). 

The way the hair frames the face brings a sense of elegance to this style.

Growing your hair out? Every girl hits the point where her hair is not super short but not a bob either. We call it “The Awkward Stage”, and finding the right hairstyle can be tough. This short hairstyle for girls works well as the short-to-medium hairstyle you need during this time.

Bob & Lob Hairstyles

Short bob hairstyles have become all the rage recently. You can achieve some easy hairstyles that are just as stylish as they are simple. The bob cut hairstyle is always a standout look.

Bob Style #1

This hairstyle is very dainty and even a little boho.

Part your hair down the center or a bit off-centered. Braid a mini 3-strand brand on both sides, and securely pin it. 

For a touch of elegance, add some loose waves to the remainder of your hair, using the waves to cover the pins.

The completed hairstyle looks like a braided crown.

So pretty, right?!

Bob Style #2

Cornrows’ popularity skyrockets around Coachella (you’ll see every girl in attendance wear them at least one day of the festival). But, why not incorporate them into your look year-round?!

This braided hairstyle is subtle and chic, and you can pretty much wear it anywhere. 

You can also customize this cute bob hairstyle not only by choosing how many cornrows you want to braid, but also by selecting their placement on your head.

Bob Style #3

If you love the half-up-half-down hairstyle, let us recommend this look. 

Instead of putting the top half of your hair into a ponytail, craft a cute twist.

From the front it will look like the half-up hairstyle we all adore, but the back will show off the twisted touch.

By the way, this bob hairstyle can also double as a beautiful prom hairstyle or wedding hairstyle.

Medium-Length Hairstyles

This hair length is very versatile. You have a variety of looks to choose from, and they’re all fairly simple to style. 

The hairstyles below are must-try looks!

Medium Style #1

The French Twist is one of the classiest hairstyles out there, and yet, it’s seldom worn in recent years.

Time to bring it back, but this time, we’re making it a little more modern by adding a ponytail.

This sophisticated medium length cute hairstyle is one you can rock while running errands or to a formal event. It always looks effortlessly chic, and that’s why it’s the perfect go-to hairstyle.

This is a great medium length hairstyle for thick hair.

Medium Style #2

Braids are the new craze, and there’s no denying that everyone is borderline obsessed with this trend (us included!).

This cute hairstyle for medium length hair incorporates three different braids with the option to add more in the ponytail.

The most subtle Dutch Braid is the one going straight back into the ponytail. It is VERY loosely braided and gives the overall style a little extra volume.

The second braid is the thick French Braid that wraps around the side of the style into the ponytail.

The last braid, which really completes this look, is the 3-strand braid that is styled in the actual ponytail. You can craft a few of these braids or even style a Fishtail Braid (another popular braided hairstyle) instead.

Secure the hairstyle with a PRO Hair Tie.

You won’t regret rocking this cute hairstyle for girls!

Medium Style #3

Another modern take on a formal hairstyle.

The chignon is timeless. Change up the design to make it your own look.

Style a ponytail, secured with a PRO Hair Tie while leaving a thick piece of hair out (if you’re looking for a medium length layered hairstyle, this may be right for you). Tuck the ponytail under and back into the PRO Hair Tie. Take the loose section of hair, and wrap it around the hair tie.

This will create the look of this fabulous chignon!

Long Hairstyles

So, here’s the thing. When you have long hair, any style is possible. While there are plenty of easy hairstyles for long hair, we want to step it up a little.

We promise these cute hairstyles for long hair will set you apart.

Long Style #1

You NEED to try this long hairstyle for women ASAP! 

To achieve this long hair braided hairstyle, first style a low pony and secure it with a PRO Hair Tie. If you’re looking for a long layered hairstyle, leave a piece out to wrap around the hair tie at the very end. Separate the ponytail into two sections, and craft a 3-strand braid with each section. However, do not braid it all the way to the ends of your hair. Only braid a small section. Secure it with another custom-sized PRO Hair Tie to complete the look.

This can also be a trendy prom hairstyle for long hair.

Long Style #2

This is the ultimate wedding hairstyle for long hair, but it can be worn daily, too. Whichever event you decide to wear it to, you will be the center of attention with this beautiful braided crown.

Long Style #3

This long hairstyle is faBOWlous! Style a traditional messy bun, but with two pieces of hair, craft a bow in the back of your bun. Secure the bun with a PRO Hair Tie.

While you won’t see it from the front, this subtle touch will definitely stand out in the back.

Don’t be surprised if people do a double-take at this lovely hairstyle for long hair.

The PRO Hair Tie is the perfect ponytail holder for any hairstyle. It is made of a silicone material and sprayed with a non-stick coating to prevent it from “sticking” to hair. It features an easy-release clasp that eliminates the tangling and pulling that traditional hair ties cause. The clasp was designed to release only when lifted at an angle. Otherwise, it will stay fastened. The round-to-flat beaded design ensures a secure hold on all hair types and lengths.

What’s your favorite hairstyle for your hair length? Comment below, and let us know!

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