Let’s face it… the traditional hair tie needs some major improvement. For years, we have put up with the annoyances and discomfort it causes, but do nothing about it.

We tolerate this with the thought that our hair will be kept up and out of the way. However, that rarely seems to be the case.

Take a minute to think about all of the ways your old hair tie is the absolute worst.

It NEVER keeps your hair up.


Like, never. One minute your hair is in a neat ponytail, the next minute it has sagged to the nape of your neck. How does that even happen? This doesn’t just happen occasionally; this is an everyday occurrence. Constantly re-doing your hair gets really annoying, REALLY fast.

So, you have to use at least two (sometimes three) hair ties to keep your hair up.


Because one just can’t get the job done. Enough said.

But, there’s always that one, perfect hair tie.

You know…that one that has the PERFECT amount of stretch… for about 3 days. Seriously, the “perfect” hair tie never stays that way. When it loses it shape, you have to wrap it multiple times around in hopes of keeping your hair up. You don’t want to throw the hair tie away, but it’s getting harder to use (and too loose for your wrist). You could grab a new one, but those are always too stiff, which is just as bad.

One word: headaches.


It hurts just to think about. Your hair has been up all day, and now your head is pounding. You could loosen your hair tie, but don’t expect it to hold. All you can think about is the moment you can go home and let your hair down. Best feeling ever, right?

If you have thick hair, every hair tie is too small.


Your hair tie is never the perfect size. Wrapping it once is too loose, wrapping it twice is too tight and wrapping it one-and-a-half times is impossible.

If you have fine hair, no hair tie can hold your ponytail.


How irritating is that? You wrapped your hair tie five times (literally, FIVE!), and it still slips right out. Although it’s inconvenient, sometimes it’s just easier to keep your hair down.

You’re starring in your own version of the movie, Tangled.


This. Literally, so much of this.

The worst of the worst! You finally get your hair tie out only to find strands of your long locks clinging to it. But, you knew that would happen. It always does, and yet, you still keep using the same, old hair tie.

You’ve been dealing with these issues for so long, you’re used to it. Why complain about the inconvenience or the pain? You chalk it up to just another thing girls have to deal with.

But, what if we didn’t have to?

We’ve created a solution.


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